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  Fall 2014 (Vol. 50 no. 4)
Table of contents, cover image and miscellaneous front and back pages.
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The Realization of the Skeleton Dancer
by E. Shura Pollatsek
The build process for Jorge Jara's costume at Santa Fe Opera typifies the collaboration that happens routinely in costume shops.
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An Experiment with Digital Lighting in Adding Machine: A Musical
by Rana Esfandiary and Mark Reaney
Digital projectors and computer generated graphics (CGI) give designers another effective and inexpensive tool for lighting and scenic effects.
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Hidden Broadway in Full Panorama
by Arnold Wengrow
Over 100 large-scale 360-degree photographs of theatre designers and artisans by Stephen Joseph are exhibited at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts.
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Dressed in Light: the Ancient Art of Projecting on People
by Mervyn Heard
Hand painted magic lantern slides, called pose slides, were used in popular vaudeville, music hall and cabaret acts in the early 1900s.
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USITT Lighting Commission Revised Lighting Portfolio Guidelines
by Autum Casey, Ellen E. Jones, and Darren E. Levin, editors
An update of the lighting portfolio guidelines first published in 1994.
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Machine and Tool Safeguards
by Louis Bradfield and Jerry Gorrell
All machines and shop tools found backstage need to have guards to protect users from injuries caused by contact with moving parts.
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The Beast with Two Backs
by Beeb Salzer
Sex scenes in the theatre are difficult for some writers and directors and easy for others.
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Digital Costume Design & Rendering: Pens, Pixels and Paint by Annie O. Cleveland
by Catherine Bradley
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