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The Willard F. Bellman Digital Archives of TD&T include a database of information about the articles, as well as PDF copies of individual articles. At this time, only the database is searchable, not the complete text, as contained in the PDF documents. The database contains article titles, authors' names, abstracts, as well as data about how to locate each article (year, volume/issue numbers, page numbers, etc.) You can search on any of these, or on categories of information. There are four categories: feature articles, columns (short articles that recur in each issue, including Beeb Salzer's "The Subtext" and "Inside USITT," book reviews, and product reviews.

In addition to the editorial content of TD&T, which is restricted to USITT members, the Bellman Archives contains unrestricted PDF documents called "Table of Contents." These files include the covers, the table of contents, the note from the editor, letters to the editor, staff lists, USITT Board of Directors, USITT Lifetime, Contributing and Sustaining members, information about TD&T and USITT, as well as the advertisements placed among these pages.